Find information faster,
while you browse!

ReadLayer is a browser extension that multi highlights key information while you navigate. Define keywords or sentences relevant to you, find quicker what you are looking for, and boost your productivity. It works across the web or PDFs .


A supercharged Ctrl + F

Highlight summary

Group highlights and navigate through the results. Read faster.

PDF support

Automatically multi highlight PDFs directly in your browser using collections of keywords or sentences.


Automatic multi highlights when you open a website or a large PDF.

To the point

It highlights relevant terms and passages, so you can focus and find information faster.

Regex support

Use regular expressions to automatically highlight dates, money values or other text patterns.

Granular classification

Classify terms in collections, create hierarchies, relate terms, and activate only those collections relevant to your search.


ReadLayer respects your privacy. No tracking. No registration is required. Pages/documents are processed directly on your browser. It can work offline.


Full Unicode Support. Right to Left and Left to Right languages. Supports Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages.

How does it work?

Start right away
  1. 1

    Install the browser extension

    No registration is required. No tracking. Click on the button on the right to install the Chrome browser extension.

  2. 2

    Add what is relevant to you

    Add keywords or sentences you want to find in websites/documents. Classify them in themes. Activate and deactivate themes depending on the topic you are focused on.

    Highlight similar text
  3. 3

    Automatic multi highlights

    Relevant information shows up automatically while you browse the web or review PDFs. Navigate the results to read faster. Export the results for quicker processing.

    Multi highlights shown in PDF


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